Strategic Partnership Agreement

Australian Government

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) leads the Australian Government’s efforts to promote and protect the interests of Australia and Australians internationally, including by contributing to global stability and economic growth. The Department is responsible for foreign, trade and development policy and consular assistance as well as managing Australia’s overseas Aid Program.

The Australian Aid Program reflects Australia’s values, and commitment to reducing poverty and lifting living standards through sustainable economic growth, with a focus on support for women and girls empowerment. As one of the Bangladesh’s largest bilateral donors, DFAT is working with core partners – the Government of Bangladesh, BRAC and DFID – to support Bangladesh’s poor to become participants in, and contributors to, their country’s economic development. The program supports reforms to improve the quality of primary education for the country’s 20 million primary school students; helps deliver second-chance education to disadvantaged children and works with partners to help people out of extreme poverty. The program is also helping to improve the efficiency of the Government’s social protection programs so that the poor benefit from economic growth and are protected from natural and economic shocks.
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