Strategic Partnership Agreement


The principle underpinning the Strategic Partnership Arrangement

Funding provided to BRAC under the Strategic Partnership Arrangement will not be tied to individual projects or programmes, but can be used flexibly to support BRAC’s development activities. These activities support the Government of Bangladesh’s efforts to achieve internationally agreed development goals. For instance, the availability of core funding meant that BRAC was able to implement its commitment to gender equality without securing separate donor funding for this activity.

What are we trying to achieve through the Strategic Partnership Arrangement?

  • Faster progress towards the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals[1] in Bangladesh, with a particular focus on off-track targets, lagging geographical regions and improving the status of women and girls
  • Support for BRAC’s institutional development to ensure it continues to deliver first class results focussed on the most important development issues for Bangladesh
  • An increase in strategic engagement between BRAC, contributing development partners and government, ensuring knowledge sharing and learning
  • Improvements in how BRAC and partners use evidence and results to inform the design of future programmes

What makes this Strategic Partnership Arrangement different?

  • Backed by the Strategic Partnership Arrangement, BRAC will become more strategic in its decision-making and outreach; a culture of approaching problems as partners with a common purpose is now in the making.
  • Previously, the governments of the UK and Australia provided BRAC with funding for targeted activities. While delivering the desired results, this did not tap into the benefits of more collaborative working across sectors and issues, which encouraged BRAC to operate in silos and report on outputs rather than outcomes. The Strategic Partnership Arrangement commits all partners to a more strategic way of achieving their common goals.
  • Through the provision of core funding, the UK and Australian governments are transforming their role from funding donors to that of partners in an agreement established on mutual trust, knowledge sharing and common development objectives.
  • With a joint stake in development outcomes, all partners have become more transparent regarding internal process and governance, resulting in better understanding of each other as well as a more open and collaborative relationship.
  • The focus of BRAC’s efforts has shifted from outputs to outcomes, allowing for a results-based framework for monitoring progress of development efforts.
  • The Strategic Partnership Arrangement provides a degree of funding certainty for BRAC’s operations that allows for flexibility and enables BRAC to make long-term plans that will add to its effectiveness in improving the lives of the poorest in Bangladesh.
  • BRAC now has a greater responsibility for project performance within its portfolio. With the establishment of an impact assessment unit, BRAC will be able to report results that align with the purpose of the Strategic Partnership Arrangement.

How will we measure success?

  • All partners are committed to reporting on the development results achieved under the partnership. The Strategic Partnership Arrangement results framework is designed to support BRAC in implementing this change. BRAC will report half yearly to contributing development partners on progress against the results framework.
  • The joint annual reviews of the Strategic Partnership Arrangement will be the mechanism for monitoring both the performance of the programmes, as well as how other aspects of the Strategic Partnership Arrangement such as the institutional strengthening of BRAC and how the partnership mechanism is progressing.
  • In addition to the annual review, the Strategic Partnership Arrangement partners will work on commissioning external research work on development outcomes, sustainability of results, lessons learned and challenges from using this approach to aid delivery. This mechanism will assist the partners to gain an independent view on how this approach is working and its impact on development activities.


[1] The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) initially, and any internationally agreed targets that replace the MDGs after 2015.


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